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   The first Jefferson Thespian Newsletter was published in  October of 1962 as a source of information concerning the Jefferson Theater Department, Thespian Troupe 561, and Thespian Alumni.  The mailing list eventually numbered over 500 names and addresses causing the newsletter to be sent via bulk mail to cut down on postage.  However, bulk mail which is undeliverable is not returned to the sender.  Therefore, it was not always known whether the newsletter reached  its destination due to changes in or elimination of addresses.

   In May of 2006 it was decided to have the newsletter go electronic. in hopes of providing a more permanent base of information for  the Jefferson Theater Department and Troupe 561 and also to provide a  permanent  web site for Thespian students, alumni. parents, friends, and the general public.  At the present time the knowledge of this web site is quite limited, but it is the hope that those logging on to the web site will let others know of its existence.

   A special thanks goes  to Thespian alumnus Michael Holmes of the Class of 1994 for volunteering his time and effort in establishing this web site.


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